Renewed for the Third Year: Tee It Up For the Troops Tournament Provider

SCNS Sports Foods has renewed its partnership with  Tee It Up for the Troops for the third consecutive year.  We are donating bars to every tournament in 2017. Tee It Up for the Troops will host 46 golf tournaments this year! All of them will be fueled by 1st Tee and 10th Tee bars.

Tee It Up for the Troops provides a “Tournament in a Box” event playbook and tournament coordination support to empower local chapters and volunteers.


They are a national grass roots organization that has a profound impact on not only individual veterans and their families, but on organizations that are helping those individuals.  They generates awareness and support for our their beneficiaries – Fisher House, Disabled Sports USA, and Hope for the Warriors. Less than 14% of their proceeds go to organizational overhead.


Tee It Up For the Troops combines golf events with an inspirational ceremony, instilling a sense of pride, honor, respect and appreciation for all those who have served and given so greatly. They unite people all over the U.S. with the purpose of building a supportive community that gives back to military men, women and their families.


SCNS Sports Foods is honored to be associated with the special men and women of this organization.  It’s great knowing our bars are in the golf bags of all tournament players.


Visit Tee It Up for the Troops on the web to search for an event in your area.


Want to organize a Tee It Up for the Troops tournament? They provide all the tools to help you build a successful fundraising event.


Support U.S. Military and their families now by following this link to DONATE



6/26/17 Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes 8/28/17 Carrollwood Country Club
7/1/17 The Milbrook Club 8/28/17 Country Club at Woodmoore
7/10/17 Lakeview Golf Course 9/5/17 MacGregor Downs Country Club
7/10/17 Ridge Country Club 9/7/17 Oak Hill Country Club
7/17/17 Army/Navy Golf Club 9/8/17 Crystal Springs Golf Resort
7/17/17 Heathrow Country Club 9/11/17 Alta Vista Country Club
7/22/17 Country Club at Woodmoor 9/11/17 Vista Valley Country Club
7/29/17 Bulrush Golf Club 9/11/17 Brackett’s Crossing Country Club
7/29/17 Morgan Run Resort & Club 9/11/17 Golden Valley Country Club
7/31/17 Mendakota Country Club 9/11/17 Wanakah Country Club
8/7/17 Oak Marsh Golf Club 9/17/17 Grizzly Ranch Golf Club
8/8/17 Wild Marsh Golf Club 9/27/17 Blue Hill Country Club
8/11/17 Bunker Hills 10/19/17 Common Ground Golf Course
8/11/17 Crestview Country Club 10/30/17 Wildflower Country Club
8/14/17 Troy Burne Golf Club 11/7/17 Dataw Island Club
8/21/17 SeaCliff Country Club 11/9/17 Fiddlesticks Country Club
8/21/17 White Manor Country Club 11/11/17 Bent Tree Country Club
8/24/17 Will Creek Golf Course 11/11/17 Country Club at Mirasol
8/24/17 Philmont Country Club 11/18/17 Oakbourne Country Club
8/28/17 Country Club of Peoria 11/20/17 State Government Affairs Council
8/28/17 Mt Hawley Country Club 12/7/17 Reunion Resort
8/28/17 St Cloud Country Club 12/9/17 Golf Club of Amelia Island
8/28/17 Mankato Golf Club 12/11/17 West Lake Country Club